With this technology you will be able to measure a wide range of parts for automotive component verification such as camshafts and shafts, valves, turned components, engine components, crankshafts and exhaust pipes (silencers).

Precision components within the automotive manufacturing industry is imperative to ensure maximised performance, and so as quality standards continue to rapidly rise, so too does the need for advanced equipment that will allow our customers to verify component accuracy as well as increase production throughput.

VICIVISION’s advanced solutions are accurate, fast, repeatable and most importantly reliable. Our non-contact, optical measurement equipment provides manufacturers with optimal results, increasing throughput and proving a fast ROI for automotive businesses.

The factors continually driving automotive component manufacturers to innovate their designs, materials and manufacturing processes predominantly boil down to reliability, fuel economy and cost reduction. VICIVISION machines enables maximisation of your production throughput by giving you the capability to measure parts faster than ever and with optimal accuracy.

By ensuring the integrity of your quality control processes for a wide range of car parts and abiding to the stringent quality specifications of your customers, VICIVISION systems offer the precision required for automotive manufacturing of critical components with a significant improvement in speed and machines to suit a variety of quality needs.

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