Measuring Gun Barrel

Challenge – Measuring Gun Barrel:

  • Gun barrels are high production parts that require precision measurements.
  • Traditional methods, such as hand gauging, are subject to inaccuracies and variable respectability, depending on an inspector technique and individual skill set.
  • Hard gauging require set-up time and is limited to specific parts. In order to speed up production and achieve the necessary accuracies, an automated inspection system is required.


The VICIVISION advantage:

  • VICIVISION Optical measurement system perform fast and accurate external dimensional profile measurements on a wide range of cylindrical parts.
  • Measurements are done in one easy step, and no special fixturing is required.
  • The adjustable upper tail stock moves easily to accommodate various size parts. VICIVISION makes it easier and faster to measure run-out, coaxiality, diameter, radii, angles, external threads and chamfers.
  • VICIVISION Full-Scan processing acquires a complete profile scan of a part in one pass, allowing tens or even hundreds of dimensions to be measured in the same fast cycle time.


The result:

  • The VICIVISION MTL 850 Ergon successfully measures a variety of gun barrels with reduced setup time and no special fixtures. Parts are easily secured on the machine through a locking mechanism on the adjustable upper tailstock.
  • Parts are measured directly on the shop floor, providing rapid feedback to the manufacturing process.
  • This automated solution provides fast, repeatable measurements for gun barrels.
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