Customers feeling the benefit as optical measurement slashes firm’s down time

“It’s aided our production. We make our money from cutting metal, so any down time is a no-go, and the VICIVISION machine has certainly reduced our down time.”

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Operating on both a large and small scale, the Cornwall-based company prides itself on its fundamental philosophy of offering a tailored, state-of-the-art engineering service to clients, where accuracy is paramount.

One key area identified by DP Engineering as prime for improvement was the quality control side of its operations. Due to the complexity of its products and the materials required to make them, the company has in the past been heavily reliant on manual inspection methods.

The time-consuming nature of this traditional approach was proving a major concern for a business with aspirations to increase its capacity and productivity. In addition, the subjective nature of manual measurement brings with it the risk of inaccuracy, as the process is neither repeatable nor quick enough to be applied to anything other than batch sampling.

To help meet its objectives, DP turned to VICIVISION UK - the leading supplier of optical, non-contact, turned-part measurement machines and quality control systems across the UK and Ireland.

The often-critical components DP Engineering machines are used across the marine, aerospace, defence, oil and gas, pneumatics, medical, leisure and tourism sectors, meaning form, function and safety cannot be compromised.

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DP engineering eliminated bottlenecks and reduced down time with the help of a M309 measuring machine from VICIVISION UK.

Philip Anthony