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VICIVISION UK aid manufacturers in the ability to make better products through advanced software and hardware. The team offers extensive product knowledge and equipment training, delivering advanced systems, software and service. Our products aim to ensure that your measurement process is optimised through superior data collection, accompanied by software and storage solutions that provide intelligence into your manufacturing processes.

At VICIVISION UK we specialise in optical turned part measurement. Our advanced systems use telecentric optics to collect accurate data. Here’s how it works:

When using a conventional, non-telecentric zoom lens, the angled incident rays of light cause magnification of an object to change with its distance from the lens. As a result of this change, as a function of distance the size of the image being measured also increases and decreases. A telecentric lens however, overcomes this optical characteristic because only parallel incident prinicipal rays of light can pass through, which eliminates the change in magnification as a function of distance.

A true telecentric lens completely eliminates the change in X-Y image location during measurement of the part imaged through the usable depth of field. It will also work to reduce the obscure edge imaged when looking at a part surface with a parallel wall to the optical axis often named the ‘wall effect’. This is present in parts with complex prismatic features. A true telecentric lens in conjunction with effective illumination allows the wall effect to be eliminated.

At VICIVISION our optical systems possess extremely low distortion at all magnification, improving accuracy and repeatability. It also permits measurements to remain constant, from top to bottom of the scan routine.

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