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Benefits of Shaft Measuring Systems

Shaft measurement systems have a lot of competition, such as handheld gauges and co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs). Handheld gauges do not offer the advantages that shaft measurement systems do. Dedicated shaft measurement machines enable a greater degree of accuracy through reduced operator intervention and increased efficiency through carrying out a number of checks with a single setup and scan.

In comparison to CMMs, who are a serious contender with shaft measurement systems for high-volume applications such as is seen within the automotive industry, shaft measurement systems are generally faster than other measurement methods.

Co-ordinate measurement machines are usually located in dedicated measurement facilities or labs, while shaft measurement systems are designed specifically to withstand the rigours of the shop floor environment, often providing a direct feedback to production machines. This link between machines in conjunction with faster measurement speeds results in a significant increase in both the features and parts that can be inspected during a single production run, ultimately maximising in-process control.

While CMMs are extremely flexible in their measurement capability, shaft measurement offers a specialist solution for turned components by operating in the same 2D axis of motion as the lathes used to make shafts, whereas CMMs operate within a 3D Cartesian envelope. Meaning shaft measurement solutions are designed with the compatible geometry needed to optimise tool data collection and provide improved integrity and repeatability.

Due to intricate nature of shafts, programming optical shaft measuring systems can be intuitive, allowing for seamless integration, ease of operation and maintenance.


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