Measuring medical implants

Measuring medical implants in production

Measuring medical implants in production: how to face the challenges of a high potential market. The medical implant market is characterised by a complex product that requires several controls.

The MTL X5 is specifically designed to measure small turned bio-mechanical components including dental implants, bone screws, biomedical trauma screws and other medical device parts. Its high-resolution camera provides an enlarged image and is capable of resolving the intricate features typically inherent in small turned parts.



VICIVISION MTL X5 carries out external dimensional controls on the diameter, length, angle, radius, throat, thread, hexagon faces, coaxiality, circularity, cylindricity of the stem, etc. in a single cycle which lasts only a few seconds, reduces costs and puts you ahead in the competitive challenge.


VICIVISION MTL X5 allows you to pass from one batch to the next in a matter of seconds, by the simple click of a mouse and with no setting required to improve the margin of the split orders, a typical feature in the dental implant sector.


VICIVISION MTL X5 gathers all the data automatically for statistic controls in order to monitor any changes in the measurement, to prevent rejects and to produce control certificates that may be presented to your clients along with the product as a further guarantee of quality and assurance.


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