Non Contact Measurement: The need for shop-floor inspection

Non-Contact Measurement: Shop-floor inspection and why it is needed.

Companies for a number of years have carried out final inspections of parts. Vicivision machines differ in that we allow companies to carry out inspections during the production process which allows for a number of benefits to be realised.

Carrying out inspection during your production processes with a vicivision machine will ensure you can produce higher quality parts. Vicivision machines will allow for errors to be picked up and a reduction in rejected parts. This will allow companies to see a reduction in wasted time and also money savings.

Vicivision machines are designed to withstand the rigour of shop floor environments to allow fast and accurate measurements of turned parts at the touch of a button. The benefits of investing in a vicivision machine will be seen in production costs being brought down, accuracy and repeatability, quick and efficient processes combined with a new process of automatic data collection and the ability to use it across multiple industries to meet their strict requirements.

The need for non-contact measurement.

As manufacturing becomes more complex with items getting more complex and tighter tolerances across different industries. This has allowed for non-contact measurement to become a cost-effective and reliable way to carry out inspection.

Non-contact measurement offers the ability to inspect the dimensional integrity of the profile of a part quickly without touching the surface. If the surface should be distorted or altered in any way then the results may not be accurate.  The non-contact inspection offers a method that allows for surfaces to be measured and assessed at every point in the production process with greater results.

The need for non-contact measurement

Staff member using a Vicivision machine

Cut production costs

The freedom Vicivision machines provide to a company is done in multiple ways. For starters, the machines are specifically designed to withstand the typical conditions of a shop floor environment.

There may also be a need for it to serve multiple machine tools and be operated by more than one person. With the machine sitting on the shop floor it allows operators to have greater flexibility and verify the quality of the parts easily. Being able to use the machines more easily means they can ensure a reduction in waste parts and inefficiencies which all help create a more accurate and better production quality output. All of these benefits add up to allow for a considerable return on investment.

Ensures accuracy and repeatability

With pressure for production lines to meet tight deadlines and time is the essence for a number of businesses. Having the capabilities to ensure a highly efficient quality control process to meet the demands of high industry requirements is vital.

A Vicivision machine will allow for the use of high-resolution images in optical measuring to ensure accurate measurements of complex parts. This ensures excellent accuracy and allowing manufacturers to achieve exceptionally good performance, even when tolerances are extremely tight. With programs being able to set, measurement cycles can be performed at the touch of a button. Operators then do not have to intervene, this eradicates any human error that may have been occurring previously.

Respond quickly and efficiently – competitive advantage

As we progress into industry 4.0 more and more companies will look to adopt and build automated production lines with control being part of this. What optical machines allow to happen is for measurements to be detected on the external profile of a part. Performing an automatic using intuitive software and advanced cutting-edge features that ensure high standards are produced.

Businesses that use old school methods such as profile projectors or manual instruments need to look at replacing these with dynamic systems that can produce results in seconds and record the smallest of details.

By bringing all measurements into one single instrument you can ensure quick, accurate results that will ensure a competitive advantage for your business.

Meet the strict requirements of multiple industries

Regulations across multiple industries can differ dramatically and be able to meet the needs of these is vital for businesses. Where complex parts are produced such as aerospace, automotive and medical the smallest defect could lead to catastrophic results. Errors cannot be tolerated especially where safety is concerned as it is in these industries. Having an optical machine on hand when producing a number of components can help make the difference and ensure the highest standards are always adhered to.

Companies can realise multiple benefits by investing in an optical measurement machine. With the ability to save money, time and produce high-quality parts there is no better time to invest.

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