VICIVISION M-Range: A Closer Look

The VICIVISION M-Range presents a fantastic entry-level range of turned part measurement machines. Optimised, accurate, and thoroughly efficient, there’s a lot that these machines can do for a shop floor.

Here we’ll take a closer look at the M-Range and inspect some of the qualities that make them the very best low-cost option.

One, Two, or Three?

Though the M1, M2, and M3 all excel at turned part measurement, they differ slightly to reflect options in part size capacity.

The M1 is the most compact, measuring 595mm x 780mm x 950mm with a maximum 60mm x 300mm measurable part size.

The M2 and M3 both possess a machine size of 920mm x 1030mm x 2000mm. Where they differ is that the M2 has a measurable part size of 140mm x 600mm, whereas the M3’s measures 140mm x 900mm.

Across the range, you’ll find the same measurement accuracy and repeatability. This consolidates the power of the M-Range, ensuring that footprint, weight, and cost are your biggest considerations when choosing a machine.

Features and Benefits

The VICIVISION M-Range is ergonomically designed and easy to use. The front of each machine is designed with an open, easy-access measurement bay for quick loading and unloading of parts. The LED-lit loading area ensures full visibility of its simple vertical measurement area in any context.

The machines are sturdy and possess a unique Air Flow cooling system. This makes them ideal as fixtures of the production floor, placed directly next to the lathe so that measurement can take place without time being taken to move to a separate metrology environment.

The M-Series works with speed to match its accuracy. Vertical scanning speeds of 100mm per second and maximum rotational scanning speeds of 1080° per second create rapid part readouts. These readings are highly repeatable, to within a handful of microns across the range.

Inspections take a matter of seconds and tool offsets can be placed before values are out of tolerance.

Why Use the M-Series?

For measuring multi-spindle lathes or sliding head lathes, from simple fittings to small shaft measuring, an M-Series machine presents both a capable measurement solution and a huge improvement to efficiency.

Measuring the first pieces of every batch with a machine beside the machining centre saves up to an hour of time and increases efficiency even with smaller batches.

Measurement trend graphs generated by supporting VICIVISION software allow for the reduction of rejections. This leads to less downtime, less cost wasted on inadequate work, and more capacity for staff to tackle important work.

To find out more about the M-Series and other machine ranges, speak with VICIVISION UK today. Our experts are here to help you get the most out of turned part measurement.

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