VICIVISION Software: A Closer Look

VICIVISION measurement machines take complex and intricate measurements with phenomenal speed. To support these measurements and to allow operators to fine tune the processes, VICIVISION machines seek the help of some powerful software.

With amazing proprietary pieces like MTL, VICIVISION’s software choices are exact and effective. Let’s take a closer look at them.


VICIVISION’s proprietary software, MTL allows a wide range of options and features to make part measurement capture faster and smoother.

Not only does it improve control, but MTL also expands the range of possible measurements. It features dedicated tools for threads, nuts, camshafts, turbines, and more, as well as specific tools for static and dynamic measurements.

Automatic features help capture measurements for the operator, with automatic loading of the part program, step-by-step assisted programming, and more.

Self-programming means that once the live image of the component has been captured, the software collects all the static measurement data and instantly issues a report for each component measured. If some dimensions are missing, the operator can detect them directly from the image.

Additionally, offline programming allows measurement routines to be created while the machine is in use elsewhere. Multiple units can be programmed by saving these programs onto your server. Load images from the archives, reinspecting previously measured parts without needing to have it physically present. This is invaluable in the cases of prototyping, safety-critical components, or disputes from clients regarding delivered parts.


Assisting all machines supplied through VICIVISION UK are QC-CALC Real-Time and SPC software.

Real-Time reads CMM and gauge data, saving it to the database and making the results available for SPC. SPC then takes the results and continually updates to show live results from the shop floor. Data can be filtered and organised to lend context.

An accurate overview of how your production line is performing can be fetched in seconds. This ultimately reduces waste and scrap, allows businesses to be reactive to changes in demand, and to understand their production output down to the individual pieces.

With QC-CALC Real-Time, you can benefit from trend detection with email alerts, dynamic filtering of dimensions, data export to spreadsheets, and much more. Reports can be sent to appropriate personnel within the business to notify them when the process moves outside of control, specification, or configurable limits.

Lend more meaning to plot data, get a deeper oversight of trends and processes, and keep your operators interconnected and working from the same, up-to-date information.

Turned Part Measurement, Advanced

Whether it’s small threads or the largest of pieces with the Techno range, VICIVISION machines are backed by precise and powerful software that doesn’t complicate or bloat the process of measurement.

To find out more, speak to VICIVISION UK today. Our dedicated experts can answer any of your questions.

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