VICIVISION UK investment tightens the screw on quality for Reliance

A renowned engineering firm has turned to the UK’s leading supplier of optical, non-contact turned-part measurement machines as part of its continuous improvement strategy for lead screw inspection.

Reliance Precision Ltd is a supplier of high-precision lead screws to highly regulated medical and lab automation environments, meaning its customers demand consistently reliable and unerringly accurate products.

In order to ensure the necessary levels of quality are delivered well into the future, the company has purchased an MTL Ergon from VICIVISION UK, an automated lead screw analysis system that will be based at Reliance’s production facility in Ireland.

lead screw inspection

As the lead screw inspection process has historically been a manual one, the micron-precision MTL Ergon technology will eliminate human error through its ability to assess specifics including the diameter, length and geometry of the lead screws, recording and storing the statistics for future use.

David Torr, Reliance’s Head of Metrology, said: “What is really important for us is ensuring a high level of quality for our customers. Automation has an important part to play; it allows for the collection of measurements to be more efficient, ensuring a repeatable supply of quality product.

“Alongside this, it is helping us broaden the scope of our metrology analysis for the lead screw range.”

VICIVISION UK, part of the Carfulan Group and based in Foston, South Derbyshire, specialises in technology that improves efficiency in production, reduces down time and increases productivity.

It does this through systems that use a combination of video and light projection, providing top-of-the-range measuring performance in a practical, robust and compact design that is right at home on the shop floor.

Their design makes immediate data capture available next to multiple machining centres, to more than one operator, at the touch of a button, eliminating manufacturing lulls by removing the need to leave the production environment.

No avoidable errors, no transportation of parts, increased flexibility, a reduction in scrap and less rework means the return on investment is almost instant.

VICIVISION UK Sales Manager Graham Shaw said: “For suppliers to industries like medical, which are governed by extremely tight regulations, quality is everything.

“More and more companies are turning to VICIVISION UK as they know we can deliver fast and accurate turned-part measurement solutions, whether it’s for shafts, valves, lead screw inspection or threaded inserts, no matter their size.

“This not only speeds up throughput but can hugely increase customer satisfaction.”

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