VICIVISION X Range: A Closer Look

The VICIVISION X Range is an all-round measurement solution for a variety of parts large and small.

The machines of the VICIVISION X Series are designed specifically for being able to measure micro-mechanical parts as well as dental implants and watch parts.

The high-resolution optics detect the smallest of details, able to measure threads, angles, radii, and more on small screws and other parts with complex geometries.

Even the most difficult-to-manage pieces can be loaded and unloaded easily thanks to the machines’ direct access design. Lack of openings and undercuts in the design also prevents any dropped parts from falling into the machine body and becoming unretrievable.

VICIVISION UK stock two models of the X Range: the MTL X5 and the MTL X10. Both enable operators to inspect production without specific measurement know-how. The part programme is activated with a simple click and dozens of measurements are taken in a few seconds resulting in a positive or negative feedback on the component.

The machines’ on-board software allows the operator to create custom PDF reports for print or export. Histograms help to contextualise this data at a glance for easy understanding and sharing.

Clear Comparisons

The differences between the X5 and X10 help to set them apart depending on the needs of your business:

MTL X5 –

Measurable size: 16mm x 100mm

Max loadable sizes: 90mm x 260mm, 3kg

MTL X10 –

Measurable size: 8mm x 100mm

Max loadable sizes: 90mm x 260mm, 3kg

Both machines are the same size at 560mm x 660mm x 860mm, and weigh the same at 90kg.

Your Next Step

Eliminate the unreliability of manual measurements with an automated, reliable, repeatable method of measurement that can be utilised again and again. The VICIVISION X Range’s easy operation and straightforward data readouts begin saving time and money the moment the machine enters the shopfloor and is used for the first time.

To find out more about our turned part measurement solutions, contact VICIVISION UK today and speak with our experts.

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