What Technologies are in the VICIVISION Portfolio?

When it comes to available machines, VICIVISION’s range is a tight but varied one. There are options for a range of industries, yet the purpose is always the same; accurate measurement of turned and cylindrical parts (Metrios differs slightly on this – we’ll cover that later).

VICIVISION machines can be brought into a handful of groups. Let’s take a look at these groups as sold by VICIVISION UK and see where their strengths lie.


The M-Series involves the M1, M2, and M3 machines, universal solutions that cater for transmission shafts, fittings, nuts, and more. Its ergonomic design and ultimate speed make it a fantastic series for measuring fittings, turned threads, screws, and bolts in a matter of seconds at a time.

The M1 is suited for small shafts and simple fittings measuring up to 60mm x 300mm. The M2 and M3 can handle larger sizes of objects, up to 240mm x 625mm and 140mm x 900mm respectively. Small to large shafts with all manner of turned and cylindrical components in between are covered within the M-Series.

With LED illumination and retractable sensors guarded by triple protective bumpers, the M-Series are well-designed and well-suited for manufacturing environments that require a varied range of turned parts measuring.


Comprising the MTL X5 and MTL X10 machines, the X-Series is an exclusive solution for the production tooling industry, measuring the smallest micro-components. Dental implants, watch parts, and micro-mechanical parts are amongst the most suited for the high-resolution X-Series.

Its direct access design features no openings or undercuts, meaning dropped parts won’t get lost inside the machine and can be easily retrieved during operation.

The X-Series automatically gains a super-enlarged image of the component and measures it to obtain lengths, diameters, angles, radii, bevels, and threads with micron-level repeatability.

Techno Series

VICIVISION UK offers seventeen machines in the Techno range, comprising a range of different measuring fields. This series covers measuring fields from 40mm x 300mm up to 180mm x 1250mm, with varying footprints and loadable sizes.

The Techno Series is designed to adapt to current and future manufacturing demands, allowing its users to be adaptive and fluid. Batch changing is fast and efficient, and despite the speed of the series, the repeatability of each machine is tight and precise.

The largest machines of the Techno Series – those included in the M900 and M1200 ranges – are well-suited for larger operations, able to handle load capacities of up to 60kg. With a wide swathe of adaptive options, the Techno Series futureproofs the shop floor and allows tolerances to stay tight.


Metrios is a tad different to the other machines in the VICIVISION portfolio in that it provides and focuses on 2D optical measurement. Using a built-in platform, the part is raised up and adjusted within the field of view automatically.

Metrios has up to 100x magnification power and an LED light system to fully illuminate parts and reveal radii, bevels, threads, and other features that can be captured by high-quality optics. The machine features an intuitive touchscreen interface and is easy to operate with a single button press.

USB ports allow communication with external devices to transfer data that could not be otherwise obtained by Metrios, making it a comprehensive platform for metrology on the shop floor. To that end, its sturdy design facilitates air cooling and has reinforced ribbing to protect components against hostile environments.

Metrios is the perfect metrology platform for gearwheels, seals, circuit boards, punched parts, and more.

With integrated software support and even some room for touch probes on certain models, VICIVISION has all the tools you need for measuring shafts, spindles, and precision turned parts with the utmost accuracy and repeatability. Such a comprehensive range could look daunting, but we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Get in touch today to find out more about what options you can consider for your shop floor.

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