VICIVISION UK are the UK and Ireland distributor for VICI & C. The Italian-based company manufactures optical, non-contact shaft measuring machines and quality control systems for the improvement of efficiency in production.

Recognised as one of the world leaders in turned part measurement, VICIVISION UK supply machines that serve in a variety of industries from consumer goods to medical and dental.

VICIVISION machines work by projecting light onto the shaft or turned part to be measured. The object is simultaneously rotated while a camera placed opposite to the light source captures the smallest details of the shadowgraph.

Despite such delicate parts as advanced telecentric optics, VICIVISION machines are built to withstand production environments. This makes them ideal for in-process measuring without having to leave the shop floor.

VICIVISION’s measuring solutions carry out their processes with a simple push of a button. This makes them easy to use despite the numerous rewards they bring to the table.

Reduced rejection rates, increased productivity, reduced measuring time, ensured part health and compliance; VICIVISION’s machines overhaul turned part measurement, taking it from as long as half an hour to as much as 60 seconds. This, whilst also eliminating human error.

360-degree Measurement with VICIVISION UK

VICIVISION UK don’t stop at supply. A wide range of training options sees that operators can learn every facet of using the machines, including data management, part set-up, editing routine steps, and more. Full support is provided with every machine, led by the company’s industry-leading team of engineers and experts.

Subcontract measuring is also offered for businesses who need to increase their measuring capacity without upfront investment. For those who want to bring the process in-house with more flexibility, VICIVISION UK offer contract hire and hire purchase options too.

Find out what turned part measurement can do for your business. Get in touch with our experts today.

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