Why our subcontract services can help your business: non-contact measuring systems.

Why our subcontract services can help your business: non-contact measuring systems.

VICIVISION’s world-leading optical, non-contact measuring systems cater specifically for turned, ground and cylindrical parts. Guaranteed improvement to your manufacturing efficiency, reduced downtime and increased productivity through superior data analysis.

Using a combination of high-resolution video camera technology and light projection. Our machinery deliver fast, detailed and consistent results. Completing metrology tasks that were once reliant on the time-consuming and unreliable manual methods reserved for specialist labs.

  1. Increase your capacity

We all wish we could do more, right? Well using our subcontract services allows you to do just that. Inspecting a greater number of part will allow you ensure design integrity across the entire manufacturing process.

  1. Add additional quality control to your production line.

Maybe you don’t have the necessary capital to invest in new machinery? Our sub-contract services will provide you access to the latest machinery with world-leading optical, non-contact measuring systems. Improve your facilities and production performance easily!

  1. Improve inspection standards.

We supply the most advanced offline tool presetting, inspection and measurement solutions on the planet. This can help your business produce better parts with maximum efficiency. Ensuring you can inspect a wide range of parts and ones that you weren’t able to inspect previously.

With all these capabilities on site we are able to utilise the skills of our engineers to offer subcontract measurement services to companies requiring part inspection support.

As well as offering a helping hand to those whose staffing levels, operations and supply chains have been disrupted by the coronavirus crisis, we hope the availability of our technology will provide a long-term shot in the arm for manufacturers requiring extra capacity.

How can we help you?

As the sole representative of VICIVISION in the UK and Ireland, our product know-how is second to none.

Whether it’s diameters, angles, orthogonalities or thread pitches, coaxialities, cylindricities, axial runouts or dynamic parallelisms. The most complex features can be inspected in second and down to the last minute detail. All thanks to our team of experienced engineers.

Surpassing the modern standards required to reduce noise on production lines across the medical, automotive, aerospace and other sectors. VICIVISION UK is offering metrology services that empower manufacturers to minimise part non-conformance and deliver top-class products without fail, giving them a competitive advantage.

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Our measurement machines

The variety of systems we have on-site caters for every need.


(Measuring range: 60 x 150mm. Maximum loadable sizes: 315 x 120mm / 10kg)


  • faster inspection
  • increased productivity
  • improved flexibility
  • reduction in rejects

The M-Series has raised the bar in measuring fittings and shafts down to every last attribute.

A unique design allows practical loading and direct access to both large and small turned parts. LED illumination provides excellent visibility for every measurement task.

Self-programming functions and step-by-step programming features facilitate advanced operations alongside integrated software, which allows operators to work on the real image of the piece and its measurements.

In doing so, they are able to determine the exact finish of the element under inspection.

M309 (Measuring range: 90 x 300mm. Maximum loadable sizes: 315 x 120mm / 30kg)

M618 (Measuring range: 180 x 600mm. Maximum loadable sizes: 625 x 240mm / 30kg)


  • wide measuring fields
  • impressive load capacities,
  • high-resolution capabilities and intuitive software

The flagship Techno range is designed to adapt to all demands and deliver greater productivity.

The combined jobs of profilometers, optical comparators, calipers and other metrology devices are conducted quickly and automatically by every Techno system.

Operators are more independent during inspection and tool offset adjustments can be made before parts become out of tolerance, with measurement trend graphs encouraging immediate preventative actions.

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